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Modern orthodontic treatment for older Burton patients Some of our more ‘mature’ patients may think that dental braces are only worn by children and teenagers and that, if you have crooked teeth later on in life, you have missed out

An American company is coming to the UK, apparently offering online orthodontics (braces). At Mike Allen’s Dental Practice, we are positively in favour of new technologies working for the benefit of our patients.It can help both accuracy of diagnosis as

Straighter teeth in adult life in Burton on Trent Dental braces are often associated with teenagers and children and at this age, their use is predominantly to make sure that teeth grow healthily, providing good functionality, as well as looking

Achieving straight and even teeth without gum health problems. On the face of it, having your teeth straightened is a great way to a pleasant new smile. Modern orthodontics can now achieve this without the need for unsightly metal braces,

Even teeth offer more than just a nicer looking smile. Our teeth can become crooked for a number of reasons. Sometimes this may be due to habits as far back as our childhood, such as thumb sucking, but can also

Teeth straightening no longer means unsightly metal braces! Whether you have teeth that overlap or appear crooked and uneven, there is a strong likelihood that you would prefer them not to be this way. Unfortunately, many people believe  that this

Straighter teeth are more likely to be healthy as well as more attractive. Do you have teeth that are crooked, perhaps even overlapping other teeth? If so, you may be putting the health of your teeth at risk  as well

Modern discreet orthodontics offer a way to straighten teeth without the visibility of traditional braces. The British have a certain reputation for crooked and uneven teeth, especially in the USA. Whilst this is largely exaggerated for comic effect, the fact