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Teeth Whitening For Older Patients In Burton on Trent

Why age should not prevent having nicer looking teeth Cosmetic dentistry is often associated with younger people looking to perfect their smile. Whilst this group may be more likely to have cosmetic treatments, this does not mean that older people

Home Teeth Whitening For The New Year

Say goodbye to dull and discoloured teeth! Now that we are a few days into the new year, we are sure that many of you will be starting to think about the immediate future. Holidays and other plans often come

How Safe Is Teeth Whitening?

A Burton patient asks about the safety aspect of this popular cosmetic dentistry procedure. From time to time, we receive general queries from patients about an aspect of dental care that we feel is worth sharing with others. This is

Can Brushing Alone Whiten Teeth?

TV advertising would indicate yes, but is this true? In today’s blog, we thought that we would take a look at the claims of some of the advertisements on TV and other media, for toothpastes that claim to give you

Top Up Your Smile With A Teeth Whitening Procedure

A fast, festive smile upgrade at our dentists in Burton! With Christmas just around the corner and a whole host of social events to attend, many of us will be investing in new clothes or shoes. If you want to

Teeth Whitening in Burton – An Affordable Smile Improvement

Why this procedure is most people’s first experience of cosmetic dentistry. Mike Allen’s dental practice has been based in Burton for over thirty years. For much of this time, it has been best known as a family dentist, offering general

Common Myths About Teeth Whitening

Some misconceptions about this popular cosmetic dental procedure. If you ask any cosmetic dentist what their most popular procedure is, they will nearly all tell you that it is teeth whitening. At Mike Allen’s Dental Practice, we are no exception

Safe Teeth Whitening By Our Burton Cosmetic Dentist

Although a common procedure, teeth whitening can go wrong unless professionally supervised. A desire to have whiter teeth is one of the more common reasons for people to visit a local cosmetic dentist. Once, predominantly the preserve of the wealthy,

The Reality of Whitening Toothpastes

Can we really have a perfectly white smile, simply by brushing our teeth? Almost every other TV advertisement these days, seems to be for the latest product that will give us all whiter teeth. All major toothpaste brands seem to

Effective Teeth Whitening

A look at the various methods currently available. There is something of a misconception by some people that regular brushing of the teeth will ensure that we have white teeth into our old age. Although this brushing will certainly play