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If eating or drinking hot or cold food and drinks makes you wince in pain, Mike Allen Dental can help. If you have strong healthy teeth, then you should be able to consume food or drink at any reasonable temperature.

The white smile of your youth doesn’t have to be gone forever! If you are in your middle years; unless you have been very fortunate, or have already had cosmetic treatments such as a teeth whitening  procedure done regularly, it

The varied uses of this popular cosmetic dental procedure at our Burton practice. Whilst some cosmetic dentistry treatments, such as teeth whitening, serve one purpose only, i.e. to provide you with whiter teeth; some other cosmetic procedures offer a wider

A smile-makeover treatment designed to last. Generally speaking, most patients who wish to have whiter teeth, are recommended to have a teeth whitening procedure here at our Burton dental practice. This personalised whitening treatment is an excellent method for producing

Our Burton on Trent dental practice offers advice on care of tooth veneers. Dental veneers are often used in cases where the teeth are severely stained and where a whitening procedure alone would be insufficient. They are also an effective