A New Smile For Spring And Summer

Latest dentistry treatment in Burton to give your smile a boost!

Although we are still being treated to the usual British weather patterns, there are noticeable signs that we are about to (hopefully) enter the warmer and sunnier months of the year. Whilst all seasons have their benefits, it is probably true that most of us feel better and more positive when the sun is shining and we are warm and relaxed.

This time of the year is also often when people take stock of their appearance and head for the shops to buy lighter and brighter clothing. It is also a time when we notice an upsurge in patients at our Burton practice seeking treatments to brighten up their smile too.

Teeth whitening

Our most popular cosmetic dental procedure by some way is teeth whitening. Its affordability and successful results mean that it is widely accessible and, as it can be carried out at home following an initial assessment at Mike Allen’s Dental Practice, can be done at your leisure and in familiar surroundings. It is a painless procedure, and one that is long lasting and easily ‘topped up’ when the results eventually begin to fade.

Dental veneers

Whilst teeth whitening is most people’s first choice for having whiter teeth; for those whose teeth are severely stained or are damaged in other ways, such as chips or cracks, dental veneers offer an excellent alternative by replacing the damaged or heavily discoloured surface of visible teeth with a porcelain veneer of the same thickness. Whilst this is a more invasive procedure than teeth whitening, it should cause no major discomfort and the veneers should keep your teeth looking great for the next ten years or so.

Uneven teeth

Having white teeth is one thing, but if they are crooked and uneven, whiter teeth simply draw attention to this fact. A teeth straightening procedure is not instant and the time it takes to work can vary widely depending on each individual case. We offer a selection of modern braces at our Burton practice though, some of which may be able to straighten your teeth in time for your Summer holidays.

It will be necessary to arrange a consultation to determine the best way to straighten your teeth and determine which orthodontic method to use, and, given the time these may take, if you are hoping to have even teeth in time for your summer break, we would advise that you arrange an appointment as soon as possible.

If you would like to see some improvement to your smile or if you have general concerns over the appearance or condition of your teeth, please call Mike Allen’s Dental clinic today on 01283 845345 to arrange your appointment with our experienced dental team.