Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gifts

Forgotten to buy a gift? Mike Allen’s Dental Practice might have the answer!

Don’t worry. We are sure that if you have forgotten to buy your partner a Valentine’s Day gift, you won’t be the only one. The shops will probably be very busy today with people frantically looking for something to buy, but perhaps finding the same old things on sale. So maybe we can help out a little here.

Rather than the usual flowers or chocolates, why not consider a more original gift and treat them to a cosmetic treatment that will help them to have a nicer and younger looking smile?

Especially if your partner is an ex smoker or if their teeth have become discoloured because of getting older, they will probably appreciate the opportunity to have a great looking smile once again.

Teeth whitening

The most popular and also most affordable treatment that we offer at our Burton dental clinic is the teeth whitening procedure. This is a fast acting treatment that can help to give your partner’s teeth a real boost and enable them to feel more confident in their own smile. It is also a non invasive procedure so if you or your partner have a dental phobia, you don’t have to worry.

We will provide a thorough oral health check before carrying out any treatment. After all, there is little point in having whiter teeth if you have cavities. Providing you receive a clean bill of oral health though, we can start to whiten those discoloured teeth.

First of all, we will take an impression of your teeth. These are used by an external dental laboratory to produce trays that fit over your teeth and into which the whitening ingredient will be placed. Whilst there are similar trays that can be bought over the counter, having these produced specifically for you will ensure a better fit, making them more comfortable and helping to prevent spillage of the whitening gel. This can burn if it comes into contact with the lips and gums, so a good fit  is very important.

When the trays are ready and have been returned to our Burton practice, you will be provided with the gel, along with full instructions. You can then use the trays in the comfort of your own home at a time convenient to you. We will of course, always be available if you have any questions or concerns at all during the treatment period.

You will start to notice a difference in the whiteness of your teeth after approximately one week, with the full benefits being seen at around two weeks. The whiteness achieved will last for quite a long period of time, especially if you avoid staining products, although the treatment will need to be repeated eventually if you want to continue to have whiter looking teeth.

This is not a problem and repeated teeth whitening treatments will cause no damage to your teeth providing it is done correctly by a qualified dentist.

Dental veneers

You may be thinking that your partner’s teeth are in a pretty bad way, looks wise. If this is the case and they are badly discoloured or have some minor chips or cracks, they would probably benefit from dental veneers rather than a tooth whitening treatment.  This does require some minor invasive surgery but the procedure is carried out using a local anaesthetic to minimise any discomfort that might be felt.

Instead of changing the colour of the natural tooth enamel, porcelain veneers are used to replace a fine surface layer which is removed from the front of the tooth. In most cases it will be necessary to ‘shave’ away a fine layer from the surface. Impressions will then be taken by the dentist, from which the new veneers will be made. You will be given temporary protective veneers in the meantime and your final veneers should be ready and returned to us in a week or two. On your return visit, we will then remove the temporary veneers before attaching the new ones with a strong dental adhesive, before trimming and polish the new veneers to give you a great looking smile!

If you are stuck for ideas for Valentine’s Day gifts, why not consider one of these treatments for your partner, a much more original idea than chocolates or roses. You can arrange for them to have an initial no obligation consultation with us which will certainly help them to understand the benefits that these treatments can bring.

If you would like to book an appointment at Mike Allen’s Dental Practice, please call us today on 01283 845345. We look forward to seeing you and helping you or your loved ones on the short journey to a great looking smile!