General Dentistry in Burton

A solid foundation in good oral health for all the family.

Our dental practice has been here, in Burton, for over thirty years now. Like most dental practices, it started its life as a general practice, fulfilling the role of basic oral health care provider for its patients. Over the years, as dental care has advanced, we have also become well known for the addition of many popular cosmetic dental treatments such as teeth whitening, invisible braces and dental implants.

There is a potential danger that these more ‘glamourous’ procedures can take away the importance of general dentistry and it might be forgotten, by members of the Burton public, that we also offer a high standard of general family dental care.

The basics

Whilst most general dental procedures do not necessarily improve the appearance of your teeth, and your smile, they are important in helping you to keep your teeth in good condition, and, hopefully, throughout your whole life. Regular oral examinations at Mike Allen’s Dental Practice play a large part in keeping your teeth and gums healthy, and also allow us to spot any problems in their very early stages, meaning that any necessary treatment should be less invasive.

Let us take a look at the procedures that we perform under the ‘general dentistry’ heading….

Fillings – Few of us will escape having at least a few fillings in our lives. Whilst we hope that prevention means we will avoid dental decay, it is unlikely that some areas of the teeth won’t be affected, especially if you have a sweet tooth. Amalgam fillings offer a strong and long lasting option; however, more and more patients are turning to tooth coloured fillings as these offer not only a strong option, but one that is more aesthetically pleasing too.

Root canal treatment – Don’t believe all you hear about this procedure. It really is nowhere near as bad as the myth has it. In fact, root canal treatment can be highly effective and save a tooth where the inner part has become infected, when an extraction would be the only alternative available.

Replacement teeth – Unfortunately, growing new teeth is not yet an option, although, with dental advances, it can’t be ruled out in the future. Currently, we offer two standard methods of replacing a tooth, which are dentures, either full or partial, or a dental bridge which allows a replacement tooth to be added, being held in place by the adjacent teeth. We do also offer dental implants and we will be pleased to discuss this excellent tooth replacement option with you.

Crowns – Dental crowns are an excellent option when a large part of a tooth has broken or is badly decayed. A filling used in these circumstances would almost certainly fail to be stable enough to survive.

Whilst we certainly don’t want people to forget that we offer an excellent choice of modern cosmetic dental care, the basics of good oral health are equally important to us. We encourage anyone who has neglected seeing a dentist for some time to call Mike Allen’s Dental Practice as soon as possible on 01283 845345.