Get The Basics Right Advises Your Burton Family Dentist

Good home dental care – the foundation for healthy teeth and gums.

With all the modern equipment and advanced dental procedures available, there are few dental problems that cannot be resolved. Whether a tooth needs to be filled with a natural looking filling, or a missing tooth needs to be replaced with a dental implant, modern dentistry can provide excellent solutions.

The fact is though, that, in many cases, these treatments would not be necessary if better care had been taken. Whilst accidents will always happen, good home care, done right, is the best way to avoid the need for dental surgery.

In today’s blog, we strip dental care back to the basics, and look at what you can do, in your own home, to help keep your teeth in good condition.

Diet and lifestyle

A good, well balanced diet is important for healthy teeth and gums. Not only will this supply the necessary vitamins and minerals to keep them in good order, but will hopefully also be low in sugars, one of the main causes of tooth decay. Young children especially, should be encouraged to eat less sweets and especially high sugar drinks. Habits learned early on often stay with us for a very long time and may affect the health of our teeth throughout our life.

Effective brushing

Although most of us brush our teeth, many of us do so less effectively than we should. There are a few things to check which could improve the way that your teeth are brushed.

  1. How old is your toothbrush? If it is more than three months old, throw it away and buy a new one. The same applies to electric toothbrush heads.
  2. Does your toothpaste contain fluoride? Most do, but if yours doesn’t, make sure that the next one that you buy does as this helps to strengthen the enamel on your teeth.
  3. Are you brushing correctly? There is no need to ‘scrub’ your teeth. Brushing too hard can wear away the protective enamel and cause gum erosion. Simply brush gently in circular motions with the bristles pointing towards the gum line.

Interdental cleaning

Even good brushing is not enough to keep teeth and gums healthy. Many problems originate in the spaces between teeth, and using dental floss, or an interdental brush, is an excellent way to clean this area of both bacteria and food debris. We are always happy to demonstrate how to do this, should you find it difficult. You should also make regular hygienist appointments and have your teeth professionally cleaned every six months or so.

Keeping dental appointments

Finally, if you do not have a dental check up appointment in your diary, for your or any family member, please pick up the phone and call us today. Regular dental checks allow us to diagnose any problems in their early stages and treat them quickly.

We are always happy to see patients, both old and new, at Mike Allen’s Dental Practice in Burton and appointments can be made by calling us on 01283 845345.