Diabetes and Dental Health

Diabetics and awareness of potential oral health pitfalls.

Type two diabetes is one of the serious health ‘time bombs’ that appears in the news a lot these days. Diet and lack of exercise are thought to be two of the main causes of it, and, knowing the problems it can cause, avoiding or treating diabetes is important. With approximately three million people in the UK suffering from type two diabetes, our Burton dental team notes that it is important that sufferers are aware of the oral health implications and take extra responsibility accordingly.

Gum disease

One of the most common oral health health problems that diabetics suffer from is gum disease. We have written in our blogs, regularly, about the importance of having a good oral health regimen to keep your mouth free of gum disease. For diabetics though, this advice is even more relevant as they are especially susceptible to gum diseases like gingivitis, and its advanced version, periodontitis.

Whilst gingivitis can be treated with reasonable ease, periodontitis is very serious and can attack the jawbone too, causing bone thinning and potential tooth loss.

Diabetics and oral health

Naturally, diabetics should follow their doctor’s advice and take any appropriate medication. With regards to oral health, diabetics should pay special attention to brushing and flossing and should also drink plenty of water to avoid dry mouth syndrome. A dry mouth provides a perfect environment for gum disease bacteria to thrive and is a common side effect of diabetes. As well as paying attention to their own dental regimen, it is important that diabetics don’t miss their dental appointments, and, at Mike Allen’s Dental Practice, we may ask you to see us on a more regular basis than other patients – so more frequently than the usual six months or so for oral health checks. More gum damage can be caused in a shorter period of time than with non sufferers and therefore why we need to keep an even closer eye on your oral health.

Dental implants

Regular checks are also very important for diabetic dental implant patients. Gum disease and associated bone loss can cause implants to become loose and threaten their longevity; so diligent care is particularly important. If you are a diabetic and would like advice about your oral health, please call our Burton dental team today on 01283 845345.