Do Dental Implants Offer Good Value For Money?

Burton dental implants – quality, stability and longevity.

On first hearing about dental implants, there are generally two reactions. The first is a worried look when people hear about certain aspects of the procedure, and the second is the cost of the dental implant treatment. As we have noted previously, the implant procedure, despite how it might sound to some, is actually no more uncomfortable than most other invasive dental procedures and should not be feared.

The cost implications do, of course, impact on people’s budgets and, in today’s Mike Allen blog, we take a look, at whether dental implants really do represent good value for money.

Why do they appear expensive?

Dental implants are a very precisely engineered object made from an expensive metal – titanium. Whilst it may be tempting to use cheaper metals to produce them, the fact is that titanium bonds best with the jawbone; a critical part of the process. In addition to this our Burton implant dentists undergo additional years of training in order to place implants as the procedure requires a high level of skill and precision for a successful outcome.


Although the implant procedure does take a few months to fully complete, once fully integrated with the jaw bone, dental implants can be expected to last for twenty years or more, providing that they are looked after correctly. Thankfully, this takes no real extra effort than you should already make with your natural teeth. Quality brushing, flossing and regular visits to the dentists and hygienist at Mike Allen’s Dental Practice in Burton should be all that is necessary to have strong and long lasting dental implants.

So, providing that sufficient care is taken of your new implants, they should provide you with many trouble free years of use.

Value for money

The alternatives to dental implants are dentures or a dental bridge. Neither of these help the jaw to maintain bone integrity, something which can cause changes to the shape of the face, and even potentially gradual movement of the teeth. In addition to this, both require special cleaning, some of which can be inconvenient and fiddly. Bridges also require work to be performed on otherwise healthy teeth and dentures are prone to damage if you drop them.

Although it can vary widely, depending on individual circumstances, dentures generally last for between five and ten years and dental bridges for five to fifteen years.  Given that dental implants should last for twenty years, and have been known to last for over thirty, the initial outlay for dental implants becomes easier to understand. It is also worth remembering that, providing they are looked after, dental implant placement only takes place once, after which time, you can simply carry on your life with your new replacement tooth. Patients of our Burton practice might also note that dental implants are typically much lower maintenance than either dentures or bridges.

For anyone interested in having dental implants placed, we also offer dental finance plans to help you to spread the cost. For an initial, no obligation, implant consultation, please call Mike Allen’s Dental Practice  on 01283 845345.