Gum Disease And Orthodontics

Achieving straight and even teeth without gum health problems.

On the face of it, having your teeth straightened is a great way to a pleasant new smile. Modern orthodontics can now achieve this without the need for unsightly metal braces, as was often the case in the past. Whilst modern cosmetic dental braces offer a greater degree of comfort and discretion whilst wearing, there is still one thing that they have in common with older style braces, and that is the necessity of keeping your teeth and gums in good health.

Even without wearing braces, many people end up with gum disease through poor cleaning and not having them cleaned by the hygienist at Mike Allen’s Dental Practice. However, when wearing modern orthodontics, extra attention should be paid when cleaning your teeth.

Traditional style braces

Although using more discreet materials, many orthodontics still use a similar system of wires and brackets to older style braces. This presents a challenge as it allows small pieces of food and bacteria to become trapped in them. If this occurs, both tooth decay and gum disease are more likely.

You will be given full cleaning details when you have braces at our Burton practice. Please make sure that you follow these, and also attend any appointments that we request that you make. You may need to brush your teeth more regularly to prevent food from becoming trapped which may be a little more time consuming, but is worth it in order to have nice looking teeth once your braces are finally removed. If you find yourself in a situation where brushing is impractical, such as after a meal in a restaurant, simply swilling water around the mouth will help to remove much of the food debris from your teeth and the braces.

Removable braces

There are a number of new style orthodontics which are now widely available that avoid the use of wires and brackets altogether. These fit directly over the teeth and are removable when eating food or when cleaning your teeth. This method does make it much more straightforward to keep both teeth and gums clean, but you still need to do this conscientiously. In addition to brushing and flossing your teeth, you need to also remember to keep the straightening ‘trays’ clean too. Sugars and bacteria that accumulate in the trays if left unwashed, will almost certainly lead to dental issues.

If you would like to discuss the range of orthodontics available at our Burton practice, or have any concerns about your gum health, an appointment can be arranged with the dentist or hygienist here at Mike Allen’s Dental Practice. Our experienced team are on hand to help and, following an initial consultation, a treatment plan can be put in place to set you back onto the path to a problem free mouth.

To book an appointment with us, please call us at our Burton Upon Trent dental practice on 01283 845345.