Too Old For Teeth Straightening? Likely Not!

Straighter teeth in adult life in Burton on Trent

Dental braces are often associated with teenagers and children and at this age, their use is predominantly to make sure that teeth grow healthily, providing good functionality, as well as looking as straight as possible. If you are well into your adult years though, and are unhappy that your teeth are crooked, it is probably not too late to have them corrected.

If you have been put off the idea of having braces because of the ‘train track’ style you remember from your younger days; don’t worry, at Mike Allen’s Dental Practice, we are now pleased to offer a range of orthodontics that are designed to be much more discreet.

Why do adult teeth become crooked?

There can be a number of reasons for this. It may simply be that you didn’t have them corrected when you were younger, and the crookedness has since become worse. Equally, if you have lost a tooth, there is every chance that adjacent teeth will start to move into the vacant space. As they move, others may also follow, eventually leading to your teeth becoming quite crooked. Gum disease too, if allowed to advance to where the bone is affected, may also cause the teeth to move.


Orthodontics (braces) are an ideal method for straightening teeth. Some are designed to correct only the visible front teeth, predominantly aiming to improve the aesthetics of your smile. These can work much quicker than those that straighten a full set of teeth, which can take over a year in some cases. Even this longer period of time though is less stressful using the modern orthodontics we have available at our Burton practice.

Types of orthodontics

Many of you will know braces as being made from highly visible metallic wires and brackets. These are still available, but the modern equivalent of these are generally made from tooth coloured materials and often much finer too. This combination means that their visibility is greatly reduced, minimising the ‘embarrassment factor’.

The other type of ‘brace’ used is a removable one which consists of a series of transparent trays that are made from impressions of your mouth. Each of these trays is designed to reposition your teeth just a little more than the previous tray, until your teeth are correctly aligned. These trays fit directly over the teeth and are meant to be removed when eating and for cleaning your teeth. This not only makes them very convenient but also makes it much easier to keep your teeth clean, reducing the risk of decay and gum disease that can be a problem with conventional braces.

If you are unhappy with having crooked teeth and would like to discuss your options with us, please call our Burton dental practice, for an initial consultation, on 01283 845345.