Stoptober! Join the nation in its biggest quit smoking challenge.

National campaign to support people giving up smoking. Stoptober!

October will see thousands of people signing up to the ‘quit for 28 days challenge’.  Participants are signing up, and with support are curbing their smoking habit for October which then means they are five times more likely to stop smoking long-term.  Many people have been motivated by this fantastic campaign, Stoptober, which gives day by day guidance increasing health benefits to all taking part. Smoking as we all know causes many common diseases such as strokes, heart disease and cancers, but here at Mike Allen’s Dental Practice we are only too aware of the detrimental effects it has on teeth and gums.


Staining is the most common complaint, however this isn’t the most harmful aspect, and can easily be removed by a visit with the hygienist.  Whitening may also be considered to lighten yellow teeth once stain has been removed.

Gum disease

Gum disease is aggravated in smokers, as the quality of blood around the supporting tissues of teeth is poor, so tooth loss is more imminent in smokers.  If people continue to smoke it is imperative that oral hygiene is maintained at a high standard, to not aggravate matters even further. Regular visits with a hygienist can help slow down the rate of gum disease, by removing the hardened plaque which is formed more readily in smokers due to the mouth being dried out by smoking.

Oral cancer

Oral cancer is also at an increased risk in smokers. At Mike Allen’s Dental Practice we conduct a 12 point dental health check with all patients, which includes a cancer screening examination. This is important even if patients have no remaining teeth, as it’s the soft tissues that are affected, so we recommend this is carried out at least once a year.

There are many reasons you may want to give up smoking, but many struggle alone without support. To sign up to the challenge click here.

The NHS also offers lots of support by regular consultations or group sessions, and offer advice on all nicotine replacement therapy click here for more information.