Fees & Payment Plans

Treatment Fees 2019

  Private Denplan Care
New Patient Consultation (30 mins) £80 £80
Adult dental health check (10 mins) £53 included
Child dental health check (5 mins) £27 included
Dental Hygienist appointment (30 mins) £58 included
Fillings (from 15 mins) from £80 included
Root fillings, including x-rays from £280 included
Crowns (per tooth): Lab fee only
Porcelain bonded to gold alloy crowns, gold crowns and porcelain crowns from £595 from £120 to £220
Porcelain, or Composite inlays and veneers from £410 from £100 to £250
Prescriptions from £5 £3
Emergency call out fee £130 £15
Dental implants Quotations always given  
Denture Quotations always given  


Denplan Membership

2018 Denplan Care Fee Rates (per month)

£19.14 £25.74 £30.52 £40.60 £50.85

Denplan Care patients pay one of these monthly rates plus any laboratory/prescription fee. There is no charge for children under three, but 3-5 year old children will be £8.38 per month and 6 years+ will be £12.01 per month under Denplan Care.

Peter Reece offers Denplan Essentials; fees will either be £16.64 for the Preventative Care or £24.90 per month for the Enhanced Care Plan. These cover examinations and hygiene visits (2 per year for Preventative and 4 per year for Enhanced Care). The cost of any further treatment is offered at a 20% discount. Children Essentials will be £5.60 per month.

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We offer our new patients a comprehensive twelve point dental health check

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